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Whether you are preparing for your first baby, getting ready to go back to work, or are looking for a little extra reassurance – Bellevue Woman’s Center offers tours, classes, and support to help you and your family prepare. Learn what to expect during your pregnancy, labor and delivery, and find the help you need to get through it confidently.

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Join other Capital Region moms and receive guidance and support related to pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.

Classes are open to ALL moms and families in the region, whether you have given birth at Bellevue or not.

All health and wellness classes have virtual and in-person options to help you access the learning style that works best for you and your family. For more information about classes, please call 518-346-9410.

All About Infants

Developing confidence as a new parent is an important first step for you and your infant. Prepare to care for your new baby in this one-evening program.

Discussions include selecting your baby’s doctor, feeding options, the developing newborn, bathing your baby, and signs of Illness.

Breastfeeding Preparation Class

The Breastfeeding Preparation class is taught by a lactation consultant.

Topics include the benefits of breastfeeding, the lactation process and maintaining your milk supply. Partners are welcome to attend.

Infant Safety and CPR

Feel safe and secure when handling an emergency.

This program is taught by a certified American Heart instructor and will address accident prevention, safe proofing your home, and infant and toddler CPR.

Prepared Childbirth

The Prepared Childbirth class focuses on labor, birth, and the early postpartum stage. Topics include physical and emotional changes, the labor process, viewing a childbirth video, relaxation and breathing techniques, pain relief in childbirth, and the postpartum period.

Returning to Work While Breastfeeding

Stress and lack of support may be responsible for a decrease in breastfeeding duration. Come learn about your rights, support systems, and breast pumps.

This class is taught by our lactation consultants. Support Partners & Babies are welcome.

Sibling Class

This program prepares young children for the arrival of a new baby.

Designed for children ages 3-10, this program includes: how to hold the baby; feeding and diapering; a visit to the newborn nursery; and a short video followed by juice and a snack.

Bellevue offers support groups to provide comfort and assistance to families in the Capital Region.

Breastfeeding Support

Support and encouragement are key factors in successful breastfeeding.

A lactation consultant will address your breastfeeding questions and concerns, including returning to work while breastfeeding.

After the Loss Bereavement Support Group

Recognizing that each person grieves differently, this support group provides families who have experienced an infant loss through miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, or newborn death, with the opportunity to explore ways to work through their grief.

While each person’s grief is unique, many find strength and healing through sharing with others who have experienced a similar loss.

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